Music has always been in my life since the very beginning. It‘s my true passion, from the passive listening to my active production as an author. That’s actually why I created this production studio – a place where I can work on my own projects, a place where I can meet other musicians with the same vibe. It also works like a playground I can share with those who like to move their project a little further, whatever the stage of the creation proces is (from pre-production, recording to mix and master). I would like to create a place, where I can let the music freely unite people from all music genres. The main goal is to offer my help to projects, which don‘t have the budget high enough to afford a recording studios or just looking for a partner who can give them an useful advice and sees things from the other perspective. On this website you’re about to find very soon the references of projects I was working on lately or projects from the beginning. If you share the same feeling about all of this with me, lets meet together in this place!